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Whether it is Car Maintenance or Vehicle Maintenance the best kind is Preventative Auto Maintenance.

If you are like other vehicle owners you probably get frustrated that your vehicle maintenancecost is higher than you would expect.  The best thing to do if your vehicle maintenance costs start to overwhelm you is to look for a dedicated  auto service center where you can always take your car to get car maintenance. If you need vehicle maintenance services at an affordable price you can bring your car to Precision Auto Repair. This is where we follow the manufacturer’s schedule given by your vehicle manufacturers in maintaining your vehicle or car to ensure you get the best life out of all of your vehicle's parts with a great automobile and automotive service plan.

Because we realize that it is better to have vehicle or your car maintenance should be done in good condition than waiting for a problem that needs repair to occur we make sure to offer you car maintenance services at an affordable price.  Our vehicle maintenance package includes services such as oil change, tire inspection, checking the brakes and the brake pads.  We give you best advice on how to check the pressure of your tires.  When you bring your car at our auto repair shop to our car maintenance shop we will tune up your car with affordable price and better than expected results compared to those of other local shops

Our auto maintenance team is made up of qualified technicians who are trained to know every part of your car to make it as safe and enjoyable to drive.  Visit Precision Auto Repair for vehicle maintenance services in Albertville, Elk River, Otsego, St. Michael, and Buffalo MN area with auto maintenance shop and get a tune up, break repair, tires, engine repairs and much more auto repair service for an affordable price.


Did you know?

When your check engine light comes on a trouble code is stored in the computer. Some codes are universal and can be read by most scanners. Other codes are stored more deeply in memory or are proprietary to the vehicle make. For these kinds of codes, your service center has powerful, and expensive, equipment and software to help them read and retrieve trouble codes. At Precision Auto Repair in Albertville we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call at 763-497-1677 and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road.

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