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The car battery stores electric energy that powers the electrical devices and components of the car. The engine needs the car battery to make it start, and it is the alternator that replaces the electric current that the starter used.

But batteries can only last for so long. Car battery replacement will be evident eventually. Here are a few noticeable signs that show when your battery is becoming weaker.
1) Your battery is becoming weak is when your starter turns slower.
2) Dimming of the headlight, ignition problems, and the ineffective cooling of the cabin. But if the battery is already diminishing, you may encounter short circuiting in the electric wiring or even an improper functioning of electrical devices.

Our auto maintenance team is made up of qualified technicians who are trained to know every part of your car to make it as safe and enjoyable to drive. Visit Precision Auto Repair for vehicle maintenance services in Albertville, Elk River, Otsego, St. Michael, and Buffalo MN area with auto maintenance shop and get a tune up, break repair, tires, engine repairs and much more auto repair service for an affordable price.

Did you know?

The most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle running for a long time is to change your oil on schedule. With a full service oil change, your other fluids are checked and topped off so you don't run into problems from low fluids. You technician may see a developing problem and he'll remind you of any other recommended maintenance. At Precision Auto Repair in Albertville we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call at 763-497-1677 and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road. 

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